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The environment is what surrounds us, the reality in which human development takes place. A special kid needs a smart, multi-component, specially formed environment that will allow him to grow and develop.

Such an environment itself can become a special means of child development, creating conditions and providing new incentives to expand its capabilities. For children with disabilities who have developmental features as a result of primary health problems, this approach becomes overwhelming and motivating the child to develop at a fundamentally different level.

We all know the way through skills training. Then the formed skill allows the child to learn some kind of activity. Skill training is required for a special child. However, the development of the child goes much more intensively when life itself sets goals for it. An environment that sets goals of a high order is a huge potential for the development of a child.

And if for a healthy child many of these elements are formed themselves, naturally, due to their developing activity, then for a child with disabilities, especially for children with low mobility, the creation of such environmental components for the development of the child becomes the most important task of the parent.

How it works:

Any activity must have a product. It is very important to create opportunities for a child of any age to receive productive activities. And it is the medium that can become this opportunity.
Supporting the child in obtaining results and creating conditions for his effectiveness will be the most important role of the parent here.
I got a toy, put on a sock ... This is the product of the baby. Gradually, with the growing up and development of the child, the results of his activities will become more complex and filled with details.
At the same time, a child forms a picture that he owns the surrounding reality and can control it. Thus, the baby is motivated to expand the boundaries of independent activity.
A spontaneously created external environment independently gives the child an impetus and conditions for stimulating his development. The task of the parent is not to prevent the child from learning about the outside world, but rather to stimulate the appearance of such external opportunities. The socialization of the child, his communication with other children, being in children's groups - will be the factor that, regardless of health opportunities, is necessary for his development.
The creative component in creating a controlled environment gives the child the opportunity to feel himself part of the adult world and increase the inner value of himself. A child’s drawing, hung on a wall in a frame, will already give the child an idea of ​​the importance of his achievements to the outside world. A child should and can be creative in the process of choosing for himself the elements of clothing, decorating his living area, etc. Cooking can also become a manifestation of such a creative component - even the simplest sandwich can become a finished work.
The independent activity of the child is an essential element for development. The child should be able to independently search for solutions - how to do something. The child should be able to make mistakes, look for the best ways to enter and any situation and choose these paths on their own. This is especially important for children with reduced mobility. A child, independently solving a problem, for example, getting an object, expands not only the boundaries of his physical abilities, but also gives an impetus to the development of cognitive activity and receives motivation for new personal achievements.
How to organize a controlled environment for your child in practice? As such an environment is created, parents have a lot of questions, because a child can be limited in mobility, have their own health characteristics and so on. The goal of our project is to help parents quickly find answers to questions to create the best possible conditions for their child to develop.

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